RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is the new innovative way of attracting qualified individuals for your business while you can focus on your core activities. Under the RPO model, we act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a few, or all of its jobs whether that is on-site or from our own offices.

We can manage the entire recruiting / hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of new hires, technology, methods, and reporting. Our goal is to improve a company’s “hiring time”, build brand awareness, increase the quality of the candidate pool and last but not least reduce cost.


As mentioned before, RPO will give you the opportunity to focus on your core activities and make valuable internal resources available to drive innovation and growth. Let’s face it, in order to be successful, you need to stay focused but you will continue to need people. Recruitment isn’t just about interviewing and hiring candidates, it takes a lot of time to complete the administrative side of it as well and as we all know, it doesn’t just consume valuable time, it can also give a lot of ‘headaches’ when you’ve got more to do!

If implemented properly, RPO should improve the “hiring time”, increase the quality of your candidate pool and lower the cost per hire. Again, outsourcing will liberate managers from everyday recruiting and allows them more time for strategic planning, day-to-day activities and long-term initiatives. Because of this, your company will be set up for success with respect to delivering the required bottom-line results.

RPO is the solution!


Our Consultants at Next International Inc. offer turn-key recruiting solutions through low cost hiring events, career fairs, direct sourcing / headhunting and full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Together with you, we can provide a unique combination of specialized recruitment services; all based around time and cost savings.

Whether you need to ramp up for a major recruitment drive or just have a single recruitment request, we will be there for you!


Our service provides you with innovative ways of attracting those high-performing qualified individuals you are looking for. As saving time and costs is critical in today’s market, our goal is to help you eliminate the need of contract recruiters and other temp employees. Also, we will help you reduce advertising costs by limiting the need for expensive advertisements and create an environment in which you can focus on your core activities without having to worry about the (administrative) recruitment functions.

Through our research of your current recruitment process and conversations with you, we will tailor our services to meet your specific needs in order to provide you with the most efficient and affordable solution possible. You will have a designated Lead Consultant who will be your point of contact to work with you in order to find the talent you are looking for.


Single / Block Recruiting
This service can be purchased as a recruiting support for single positions or a block of jobs.

Critical Project Solutions
This service is designed for a variety of on-demand recruitment events on your behalf.

Full RPO
This service will give you our full attention with respect to your hiring needs and can be purchased on a part-time or full-time weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


As most of our clients have different requirements, our process will be tailored to your specific needs however generally we break our process down into four key areas. These are:

* Strategy: reviewing / improving your current recruitment process
* Sourcing: either through reactive (websites / ads) or proactive (headhunting) methods
* Screening: resume review, phone interviews, reference / background checks etc.
* Selection: presentation of candidates, scheduling interviews, travel arrangements, interview feedback etc.


Below you will find some of the benefits when outsourcing some or all of your recruitment activities through Next International Inc.

* Lower recruitment / hiring process cost
* Access to specialized recruitment expertise not available within your company
* Reduced hiring times / cycle times resulting in better-quality hires
* Variable overhead by having support only when needed
* Focused customer service to candidates (building brand awareness)
* Hiring managers can now focus on their core activities and be more effective

Outsourcing to Next International Inc. does not mean we just take over your existing recruitment department. We will actually become part of it and work with you in order to take the next step towards SUCCESS!

For more information on how we can help you please email us at info@nextinternational.ca.